Beverly Barkat working on Earth Poetica in her studio in Jerusalem.

Art project

We are confronted today by plastic pandemic of such magnitude that our very survival is at stake. Our fragile relationship with nature has reached a tipping point, necessitating action. The outbreak of the global Covid-19 epidemic has made us even more acutely aware of our both vulnerability and interconnectedness. Is it possible to see a… Read more »

Children picking plastic waste in Manila, Philippines. Photo Courtesy of Divyakant-Solanki.

The Earth Poetica project

Over three years, Beverly Barkat has been picking up plastic litter from home, bringing it back from trips abroad, urging her family and friends to be attentive as to what is placed around them and asking them to send their plastic waste to her. Barkat’s studio, located in downtown Jerusalem, was close to overflowing with… Read more »

Earth Poetica, detail. Installed at the Gottesman Family Aquarium in Jerusalem, Israel. Photo Courtesy of Michael Amar.


Current Venue:3 World Trade Center, lower Manhattan, New York City.Dates: Opened on June 5th, 2023 Previous venue: The Gottesman Family Aquarium Israel, Jerusalem.Dates: February 6th, 2022 – January 8th, 2023