Nomas Foundation, the Unit of Research Aesthetics in the Social (DiSSE) at Sapienza University of Rome, together with Beverly Barkat have envisioned the Earth Poetica project as a multi-disciplinary think-tank, inviting participation from engaged partners across all sectors of society.

Nomas Foundation

Nomas Foundation is a non-profit multidisciplinary research center. It seeks to address, through the medium of contemporary art, the aesthetics of a range of socio-cultural, political, economic, historical and scientific fields. A space for inclusion and participation, Nomas Foundation is committed to using creativity to foster dialogue in the public realm with the purpose of eradicating discrimination based on race, gender, class, age, or ability.

Nomas Foundation is directed by Dr. Raffaella Frascarelli.                                 

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DISSE, Sapienza University of Rome

Aesthetics in the Social is a Research Unit of the Department of Social and Economic Sciences Research Unit, Sapienza University of Rome, directed by Dr. Letteria G. Fassari. 

The field of studies promoted by the Research Unit is inspired by the sociological tradition instigated by George Simmel and Walter Benjamin, the most notable of several academics to have examined the relationship between the sociological and aesthetic spheres resulting in profound and original analysis.  Simmel, Foucault, Derrida, Blumenberg, Bourdieu, Sloterdijk, and Lash discerned not just a simple analogy between the social and the aesthetic worlds, but highlighted their reciprocal and interactive learning potential. The field of aesthetics bears a significant and profound heuristic power that enables an understanding of what kind of world we have established, how we dwell in it, and how we could transform it. According to Lash, means of communication, including images, symbols, and sounds, namely the aesthetic and the hermeneutic marks – as well as cultural structures – form the central point of analysis. 

The Research Unit program includes research, talks, seminars, exhibitions, laboratories, and reading rooms. Training and experimental research activities are conceived with the support of an international network of academies, universities, and research centers.

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Tools for Culture

Tools for Culture is a nonprofit organisation active in the field of strategic projects, technical assistance, training and education for the arts and culture. Its action is aimed at extracting the value from cultural and creative resources, in order for their impact upon quality of urban life to be strengthened and consolidated.

Founded in 2009 Tools for Culture adopts a multi-disciplinary approach aimed at framing and facing the complexity of the cultural system and institutions in the emerging economic and social paradigm. Economists, art historians, archaeologists, lawyers, architects and designers work together combining methods, tools, skills and experiences consistently with the specific profile of each project.

Since 2013 Tools for Culture carries out the series of ‘Strategic Arts Management’ laboratories, training professionals, administrators, free-lancers and graduates along the whole creative and productive trail of cultural projects: emerging markets and urban projects (Milano), cultural social enterprise (Bologna), craftsmanship and design (Venezia), branding and funding (Roma).

Tools for Culture is directed by Dr. Michele Trimarchi. 

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Survey Lab

Survey Lab is a Sapienza spinoff company at Sapienza University of Rome.  Survey Lab operates actively in R&D projects concerning geospatial data and satellite remote sensing.  Its main role is geared to the development of applications in fields of civil and environmental engineering with a focus on natural and man-made hazard monitoring and risk assessment. Survey Lab is committed to using innovative tools to implement mitigation actions for the protection of the environment and for the safety of the population.

Survey Lab is directed by Dr. Maria Marsella.     

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